Our services


Inspect for rotten or damaged pilings, beams, and decking and upon approval will repair for structural integrity.


We are able to complete the following but are not limited to:
  • Clean or replace zincs. Clean transducer's, complete non-destructive testing, and inspect keel pipes while reporting any inconsistency from the waterline to keel.
  • Video record the hull and report any damage that would need repair, complete repair necessary noting any limitations that would affect the integrity of the hull.


We complete a full inspection of the piling including beams, caps, stringers, and main piling to mud line. This inspection includes a test to see if the piling structurally sound or decaying. Depending on the amount of decay, we will suggest a solution to best serve the structure of the pier or dock.


Pile splicing is a fast and inexpensive way to keep your pilings looking like new while maintaining and prolonging the structural integrity. We will remove sections of the piling that are deemed rotten or damaged and replace it with a galvanized steel section and secure it underwater to the existing pile. We are also able to completely replace or install new pilings.

About Us

Subsea Maritime is a small family-owned underwater construction company that was developed in 2019 days before the COVID-19 pandemic started. The company was started as a way to get customer's needs met without the large company pricing and long delays to having work completed. We have commercial divers on standby for a variety of missions ranging from underwater construction, dock and pier maintenance, salvage, and marine debris removal. Our commercially certified divers are specially trained when it comes to the safety of people and property. Our company values craftsmanship, integrity, and attainability for all customers.

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